About Peter Kasirivu

My name is Peter Kasirivu. I am a Pastor at Gaba Community Church, and also serve with Africa Renewal Ministries. I live in Gaba, near Kampala, Uganda. I am married to Irene and together, we have 4 children. You maybe wondering what “PK Leadership” is all about. The truth is, leadership is at the heart of who I am and what I do. One of my life verses is Psalm 71:18 which talks about sharing God and His power with the next generation and this is what I give my life to. Over the years, I have had access to excellent materials and information that has shaped me into the man and the leader I am today. This blog is intended to share those resources with others, so that they too can learn, grow, and become the leaders that God expects them to be!

Pastor Peter is the founder of African Renewal Ministries. This ministry focuses on spreading the Gospel through planting churches as well as starting and supporting schools, orphanages, and clinics. They also provide adult development classes such as cottage trade for single mothers, men’s business mentoring, and pastoral training.