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March 28, 2019
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April 6, 2019

At Gaba Community Church we have been looking at the lessons I’ve learnt from successful people, they are many out there, but I summarized them into 5 basic ones. The first was about their work ethics, the next was how they handle money. The third area is how they deal with people. One would think that the explorers and discoverers would be termed as the most successful people in the world, yet it has been found out that the most successful people are those that can handle other people, this is known as emotional intelligence. They say that people who have a higher emotional intelligence will always perform better at work than those with just a high Intelligence, these people know how to deal with people, they know how to negotiate, they have empathy. They are emotionally stable, they help and love people.

At work, we need people to work well with each other for success to be achieved. In modern companies, employers no longer look at employees as just meer staff, they look at them as associates, partners, and co-owners. These same people also look at their clients as bosses because without them then there is no money. In short, successful people love their workers and clients. I met a successful business in New York who owns 5 restaurants in that city, he pays rent for a space downtown New York 1 million dollars per year.

He said this, “Peter, business is all about people, if you cannot handle people well you can’t succeed if you can’t hire good people you fail, if you don’t treat people well you fail.”

A great successful person will learn how to deal with people and this is called “people skills.” People skills are the tools you use to communicate and interact effectively with others. Individuals with strong people skills can predict behavior, relate to others and socialize easily. People skills entail learning how to keep quiet when your mouth wants to speak. We shouldn’t always say everything we think about people. Ecclesiastes says tells us there is a time for everything and that includes when to say what.

My experience is people who are successful communicate well, respect, care and work well with other people. Someone once said: “People do not care about how much you know until they know how much you care.” We are all broken people, we all need a healer. We are all sinners we all need the Grace of God. That person you work with needs to see Jesus not you. You must love and care for them and together you will achieve success.