June 9, 2008
October 22, 2008

The Lord gave me and 2 of our staff the opportunity to travel to Gulu in northern Uganda to meet up with our friends from San Antonio who were visiting to serve our people there. Many of you have heard about the troubles that this part of the nation has gone through especially because of the LRA rebels.  

Things are slowly getting back to normal, and the Lord has done amazing things in the last two years, many people are returning to their home villages. we were able to dedicated a well that was constructed by Living water Inc, and donated by our friends; Community Bible Church in San Antonio, Texas.
It was such a moving moment to see the tears of joy in the faces of these people, who had failed to settle well back home due to lack of clean water. I was reminded of the Lord’s promise to be the source of living water.  
We have been dreaming with our friends David and Dana Mann as to the best way to get these people back to their villages, and the key is security, water, tools to grow food, a village church.
For this little village our pastors Chris Isabirye and Martin Onen have been visiting the village and  many people have come to know the Lord, now we do have water. 
Surely God is about something big. Please pray that many wells will be drilled and that life will get back to normal in northern Uganda.
Hope is bringing hope back to these precious people.
God bless you!!