Friends , I meet on the trip to U.S.A, April – May
June 22, 2010
July 14, 2010


Dear friends we are so excited about what the Lord has done last week.

This week the Lord has continued to encourage me with John 15:1-11. The Lord has been impressing it upon me to remain deeply connected to Him and then I will become a fruitful servant of his. How many time do we desire to bear fruit without the source. My desire for me and you is to seek to know Him, to Love Him and feed on Him and then fruit will not be a problem at all.

Now let us give you an update:


Our children’s Choir Mwangaza arrived safely from the USA; the kids are so excited to be back home. They entertained our staff and students here at Gaba to a wonderful concert. They have all traveled back to their home villages and this weekend they are going to hold a concert at Rukingiri Community Church in the western part of Uganda. We are so grateful to the people who loved and hosted our children and all people who took good care of them during their six months trip.

Pastor Steve Larson and his wife Connie from the Ev-Free church in Southern California have been such a blessing to us here in Uganda; I traveled with them to Gulu on Monday and they held a conference for Pastors, Church Leaders and their wives. It was so exciting to see the Gulu Church Auditorium packed to capacity and to see our Church Leaders hungry to learn from God. Pastor Steve has a special way of communicating God’s word.

Back at Gaba, this has been a wonderful week, we have just reached 30 schools with the Gospel and we have held two evangelistic campaigns in our community, many souls have been won to Christ.

Tomorrow morning, our famous Jesus Festival is on; we are expecting 3000 young people to come to Gaba KK Beach Resort. We are hosting a band from Higher Vision Church from California. I will share the speaking with Pastor James Rene and Evangelist Keith Cook, please put us in your prayers.

Please pray that God will move in a special way amongst our young people.