July 14, 2010
August 11, 2010

Namasujju Updates
Today we have got to give you updates on what the Lord is doing in my home village in Namasujju. I come from a village which is 36 miles away from Kampala. It is a village that is so poor and backward. For a long time we have been praying about reaching that village with the gospel but we never felt a spiritual release to do it as yet.
Two years ago, we begun praying about taking a step, to our surprise God brought our way a young man to be a church planter. This young man is called Timothy Kisakye.
Interestingly enough, as we were considering this, God brought a friend by the names Matt Chamber from Tennessee who felt that God had called him to reach this region called Luwero Triangle were Namasujju is located.
Matt’s passion was community development and since we started partnering with him he has so far brought two mission teams to Namasujju and so far they have built 2 wells and they are still willing to construct a few more.
My parents Moses and Beatrice Kasirye felt God leading them to donate one and half (1½) acres of land for the new church plant.
A few months ago, Pastor Timothy begun some Bible studies in our community and in May we decided to pitch a tent on the piece of land that our parents gave to us.
As we speak today we have hosted an evangelistic team which did a lot of evangelism in the villages around Namasujju and over one hundred people said yes to Jesus.
This week we have been hosting another team from Canada who come from our partners Church of The Rock in Winnipeg. This team has been working with our Namasujju congregation to raise up a church building, distribute mosquito nets and work with Pastor Timothy to minister to our people
I was deeply moved last week when I took my father to Namasujju, my father is currently very sick, he has cancer of the sinus. He is so weak that we do not know how long he will live. I was so moved when we took him and my mother and he stood in front of the church building that we are constructing, he is almost going blind so he wanted to see the church building, before he totally looses his sight.
His expression is that God has changed Namasujju to become another Jerusalem. Our dream is that this congregation will grow and from this church, we shall reach the whole of Luwero Triangle.
In the exact place where we have set the church building in the location were I first held by bible study in 1981. So this brings a lot of memory to my life because soon after that a war broke out in that village and the region lost hundreds of people including our friends and neighbours.
The region became so backward but we feel Jesus want to revive it spiritually and economically. Besides planting churches we hope to provide a secondary school in our community and some self sustaining programs for the people in that region.
God bless you.