October 5, 2011
November 10, 2011

Thursday night last week, the church body in Uganda received the shocking tragic event where a well known pastor by the names of Michael Mugerwa together with three other men including a prominent pastor from the USA died in a motor accident as they were travelling back to Kampala from Eastern Uganda.
Dr. Leo Godzch was the founder and director of marriage enhancement a big ministry based in phoenix Arizona USA.

Although this news hit all of us in different ways, it has become news that all of us need to reflect on in light to our life here on earth.
Just two weeks before this news, the world was awakened to another tragic death and that was the death of Colonel Muammar Gadaffi of Libya.

I started pondering on these two incidents, first when Gadafi died the majority of the world celebrated his death in other words they were happy that the dictator had died. But then when I looked at the death of Pastor Michael Mugerwa and Dr. Leo, there was lots of sadness, lots of pain and lots of sorrow that these men of God had gone and left us.

However when I and my wife attended the funeral service that took place at Destiny school campus, there was another kind of celebration, there was more than 10,000 people who although were sorrowful they were celebrating a life that was spent for the glory of God.

Pastor Michael has raised many ministers in the ministry out there serving God as church planters, children were picked from the streets and now enjoying three meals a day and going to school, a church with thousands of members attending service every Sunday, a ministry to the married and a ministry to the youth.

When you look at the life of Gadaffi, he worked for his county, built a nation but somewhere along the way his focus changed, instead of building the country and changing the nation he focused on maintain his position as a leader of a nation. Through personal insecurity he started crashing any form of opposition.
He worked on maintaining his seat instead of letting other people lead. So at the end he destroyed what he built, he became an enemy of his own people and his own people turned against him.
Given the above incident what do you learn?

Below are the lessons I have learnt:-
1) A life dedicated to the service of the Lord is the greatest life a person can live.

2) Investing in people is better than investing in bricks and mortar, for when we invest in people even when our life is gone our candle will continue burning

3) Our success is always success if we raise other leaders, today Michael Mugerwa has left, but the leaders he has left will continue to run the ministry. So his success is in those people he raised. Success without successor is no success.

4) We have one life to live and we do not know when it will end, we have one short life to live and the owner of that life is God. He never tells us when our calendar will end. Do what God has told you to do, don’t wait for tomorrow use your energy to the best of what you can, invest in people for it is the greatest thing you can ever do. Psalms 90:12
So teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom. NKJV

Finally, what legacy are you going to leave behind?
Is it a name?
Is it money?
Is it things?
Will people celebrate and worship God because of your life or will people say thank God he is gone?

The decision is yours.

God bless you.