October 17, 2014
November 17, 2014

I believe that most of you have heard of the tragic death of a friend of many, a Motivational speaker, a Pastor and a man of God Dr. Myles Munroe, his wife and a number of people in a plane crash in Bahamas.  Indeed, very many people live and die, but very few people leave a legacy.  Dr. Munroe has left behind a legacy to the church and to the whole world.

Over the years, I have enjoyed reading his books and I have always enjoyed watching him on TV whenever I have had the opportunity.

Dr. Munroe always talked about the fact that the graveyard is the richest place on earth because very many people die with the dreams they never lived out, the books they never wrote, the houses they never built and many other good ideas they never put into action.  Dr. Munroe always maintained that, “It is better to die empty.”

Myles Munroe was always committed to serving God with his life and God gave him the opportunity to do so up to his dying day.  In one of his books, Dr. Munroe wrote that “the greatest tragedy in life is not death, but living a life without a purpose”.  Myles lived a life of purpose.
He was not only a church planter; he was also a teacher, a coach, an adviser to business owners, organizational CEOs and world leaders, above all this, Dr. Munroe was a man of God.
Such tragic events should always awaken us to the reality that life is a gift from God and we need to use it to serve God and his Church. Every man and woman should desire to live the life God has given him or her to be a blessing to people near and far. 

 Psalms 90:12 says;

“Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom”

Our lives should be used for the service of God, for bringing people to the knowledge of our God, and for teaching them to follow Jesus Christ.  We should always do our best to invest in things that will outlive us. One of those things is to make disciples and equipping leaders.  Dr. Munroe invested in writing books, Yes he is dead but we know he will continue speaking to many lives even after his death, through the great works he left behind. 

God has endowed each one of us with skills, gifts and resources. These are not for us to use in any way we want but rather we are meant to use them for building the kingdom of God.
Also, each one of us has been given the opportunity to live, how are you using this opportunity of being alive? You have one life to live on this earth, the question is…. “If the time to go and meet your maker came at this moment, do you think God will say to you, “Welcome good and faithful servant”?

Make sure that you bring out all the good things God put you on earth to bring out. Make sure you die empty, having given out everything you’ve got to the glory of God and for the expansion of His kingdom.
Your friend Peter.