November 10, 2011
December 22, 2011

At Gaba Church we are currently studying through the theme: God and our health.
As we study through the scriptures we have come to realize that our God is so interested in our health and He desires it so much that healing is a big part of the O.T and N.T message. In this blog this time I felt it will be good to remind ourselves about the supernatural nature of God.
Today I want us to look at a few names of God, which as you will observe reveal the nature & character of God.
Proverbs 18:10 says:

1. ELOHIM Genesis 1:1, Ps 19:1
This is a reference to God’s power and might
This name occurs 2555 times in the Bible. It is the first word used in scripture to designate God.

It reveals the majestic omnipotent God
Genesis 2:4. Reveals that God is a personal God, who desires a relationship with His people.

From the study above what we need to take home is the fact that our God is God. He is very powerful. His power is unlimited; He is above any created thing in the world. His power is glorious; there is a lot of honor to his power.

But even as powerful as He is, he is also very personal, friendly to His people. He is reachable, touchable and approachable.
What is it that you are going through? He is ready to get involved in your situation on a personal level.

2. EL- Shaddai Genesis 17:1
Psalms 91:1
God the all sufficient God
The word shad = means breast in Hebrew.
This then refers to sufficiency and nourishment.
The name means our God is enough.
This name also indicates God’s sufficiency to nurture His people into fruitfulness. Genesis 49:25
The other interpretation of this name is God almighty. EL points to the power of God Himself; He is the God who helps his people.
God is powerful enough to take care of us, to deliver us and to nourish us as His children. As you face your situations this week may God encourage you through His name EL Shaddai.
God bless you in Christ.