September 24, 2010
October 16, 2010

Love Kampala Festival Highlights
Last Saturday and Sunday evening we concluded the love Kampala Festival. The event was one of its kind in that we had two concerts, the extreme sports event and the children event.
Andrew spoke to thousands of people; in my estimate, Saturday we had about 50,000 people and then Sunday we had about 60,000 people. Thousands and thousands of people responded to the message.
Some of the exciting event was the motorcycle that would fly in the air, the bicycles that jump in the air and the skate board performances.
The extreme sport pulled so many people just to come and see what was happening, but the reason behind this was to show people that you can enjoy sports, but the same time fall in love with Jesus Christ.
The performers were all born again believers who shared their testimony and led people to respond to Jesus Christ.
The children play area also had music puppets, play items and the presentation of the gospel. Again many children accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior.
The main stage is where Nicole C Mullen performed for the two nights, Andrew Palau preached and Papa Sun performed.
Nicole has a special way of presenting the gospel through music; she is really an artist. I enjoyed talking to her because she still remembered Gaba and still remembered our choir- Mwangaza when they visited Nashville on one of their tours.
Andrew Palau is such a special man of God and the most interesting part of his message is when he shared his personal testimony.
Papa Sun is an artist with a special touch, he comes from Jamaica and his music is a mixture of Jamaica reggae and all the modern trends that young people love. His music just got the whole crowd wild.
All in all God moved in amazing ways and to Him be the glory.

Again for the last two weeks we have had Johnny Karls our Executive Director from the U.S.A, Michelle Spies and Melody who travelled with the team of Christians from Oregon, Colorado and North Carolina. Theirs was a vision trip where they loved to see what God is doing through ARMS (Africa Renewal Ministries). They travelled and served amongst our church projects. What a blessing to have had them here.
Our ministry puts on the mission trip twice a year because we believe that when people see, God gives them great visions.