January 20, 2011
February 18, 2011

November/December updates

2010 has been a year of many things and many experiences, many events and many losses, we at Gaba Community Church have experienced wonderful things where we have seen God adding on many numbers through people accepting Jesus and some joining us though getting married to our members and also many babies have been born in our church family.
We have this year sent out Martin and Sarah Wandira who planted a church at Zana along Entebbe road, we sent out Moses and Jemimah and their two children to Northern Island where they are serving as missionaries with Abundant Life Church.
Our very own young minister Mutagubya Alex has taken on the pastoral work for Luzira Community Church, this is a real sign of growth.
Our church also sent out Timothy Kisakye to Namasujju were I was born. It is exciting that this church has almost 100 people who attend every Sunday.
Our annual conference at Bethany attracted almost 300 ministers which was record attendance this year. Our key note speakers were Pastor Dave Wells from Canada, Pastor Dennis McNally from California and Pastor Ross Gerber from Michigan.
Our end of year camps received a very good response and many young people were impacted. Thanks to our children and youth ministries.

On a sad note one of our ministers the missions’ coordinator Mary Nalongo Senyonjo went to be with the Lord. She was such a special person to all of us.

Gaba Bible Institute (GBI)
Gaba Bible Institute which the Lord helped us to begin celebrated its 4th graduation on the 10th of December with 48 grandaunts. As we move on, we are celebrating God’s abundant provision because GBI has moved to Buloba 12 miles out of the city of Kampala to its permanent home which is a campus of 18 acres of land. We purchased a high school with lots of building, renovations are going on to prepare for the next year’s opening.
Another praise to God for GBI is that this year we acquired a certificate to operate as a school for higher learning in Uganda. This is a special privilege to us because they are few colleges in Uganda with this status.
Our dream for the next four months is to apply to the national council for permission to begin our bachelors program.

On the Africa Renewal Ministries side, much has taken place but to mention a few, we sent out two of our choirs, one to Holland for seven weeks another one to USA for six months. We are proud to report that between the two choirs over 1000 children received sponsors.
There have been a number of additions on our staffing and this can be found on our website. We are so proud of our two boards, the USA and the Ugandan boards.
We currently serve children in 23 locations around Uganda, our Mercy Network partners with eleven churches in different parts of Uganda, our next generation has grown and 55 students benefit from this program.
God has been encouraging us to focus on Excellence, Impact and Efficiency and with that emphasis the Gaba campus looks better, cleaner than it has ever been, and we are seeing more impact. Thanks to a great management team which is managed by our COO Uncle Kenneth Rwego.

Wentz Medical Center
God has done amazing work through Dr Martin and his team at Wentz Medical Center. I personally can testify to this because my father has been suffering with cancer for a long time and this team has worked tirelessly on him, they have taken good care of him that I practically can testify about this. My dad went to be with the Lord on the 12th.
Dr. Martin oversees all medical interventions here in Uganda and through the work he and his team are doing, we now have an operational clinic at Bethany village, Martin has recently recruited new staff for our Muleete Clinic in Mubende.
We have had a few medical outreaches where we have treated people and provided mosquito nets. We are looking forward to the expansion of this ministry for 2011.

What is God speaking to us for 2011 ?
1. Raising and developing leaders:- This is an area we feel our success can only come when we raise leaders that will be our successors. We are currently looking at our church mission and plan to direct us.
Also at ARMS we have changed our structure to include a leadership department.
2. Discipleship:- The Lord changed my life this year, first when I visited Israel with my wife and second, when I visited Canada. And the first impression in my life was that discipleship is the key work of the church, so we are again restructuring our church ministries to operate with the new discipleship process that the Lord has been teaching us.

3. Self sustainability:- with the recent world economic shake-up, we as Africa Renewal Ministries and Gaba Community Church have realized that what God has called us to do is bigger than any one individual or country or donor can provide. We have also realized that God has more resources in our country and amongst our people than we have ever imagined. At a church level we are going to teach our people to be more developmental, hardworking and also more generous. As Africa Renewal Ministries we are looking at creating self sustainability as part of development.
With those few words we are looking forward to a great 2011 and so grateful to God that he has chosen us to serve him at this time in the history of our world.