March 18, 2011
July 12, 2011

As we approach Easter, Uganda has experienced two weeks of riots and some unpleasant experiences. These have been sparked off by the rising of prices especially for food and fuel. And recently the opposition leaders decided to walk to work to make a statement to government that they must make changes in order to deliver people from suffering. What started as a simple issue has now become so bad that now roads have been blocked, people stoning the police men, police brutality and generally a lot of sad experiences where people have lost lives, been injured and much loss of property.
With this we feel that Uganda needs more prayers than we needed before. There is so much poverty and pain and many families are going without food. The rains came late, leading to famine but we thank God that we are alive.
With the above its very easy to blame, complain and cry but for us as the church of Jesus Christ we feel this is the time for us to pray but also to use these times to reach more people for Jesus Christ.
Specific areas for Prayer.
• The Government – We need to pray for our leaders to get guidance as they lead the nation. That they will not react to people’s opposition but they will act to bring relief to the suffering.
• The opposition – That they will negotiate, speak boldly but respect the law.
• Praying for Uganda as a nation that God will turn around the economy. That the rains that have just began will continue and that we will have a good harvest.
• Spiritual revival – That God will use these hard times for us to see and seek Him. That during these times the church will be God’s hands and feet to reach out especially to the poor and needy.

Our choir is still on the road in the USA. This week they are in Tennessee performing in a very large concert.
The tour has been very healthy and fruitful except for one little boy Isaac who has not been healthy. We asking for prayers for him. The next big event is going to be at the orphan conference(Christian Alliance for orphans) in Loisiville- Kentucky, please keep praying for our children as they minister.
Here in Uganda, our annual Mwangaza festival is soon coming up, we are going to have almost 400 children travelling from all parts of Uganda to sing, dance and rejoice here in Gaba. From this event we expect to pick and select the best children to participate in the next Mwangaza tour, and also to identify the various talents from these children.
We are therefore looking forward to a great time here at Gaba.
We pray that you will have a blessed Easter weekend and may God bless you.