August 22, 2010
September 19, 2010

On Saturday evening, I arrived home after being away from home for several days; my trip took me to German, Finland and Sweden.

It was such a wonder trip for me and I learnt many things, my first few days were for Christian Associates Annual Conference that they call it Connect 2010.
After the conference I traveled to Stutt Guard and then I visited a small village called Claw. I visited a church which is named as Church of God and I had a great time in that church.

What I took away from German was that it is a rich country in history, both politically and church.
It is the country where Martin Luther the “reformer”, had history. I visited so many protestant churches which actually started as catholic churches.

I traveled to Finland, to Helsinki, my host was Pastor Aki who works with the ministry known as One Way. Very beautiful time that I had. I summarized this in the message that I sent before.

From this, I travelled by Ferry to Stockholm in Sweden, my trip to Sweden was so memorable, travelling on a big Ferry to say it well, this is a moving town. It carries almost 3000 passengers, and it can carry 450 cars. The Ferry has shops, it has got restaurants, it has health clubs, Movie Theater and a Dance hall. I saw the beauty of Sweden as we arrived.

The purpose of going to Sweden was to attend the Pentecostal World Conference. This conference was taking place at former Philadelphia church in Stockholm. This church was celebrating 100 years this year, having been one of the most churches that became Azusa street revival which brought in the Pentecostal movement. It has a lot of history.

The conference had over 2000 participants coming from 76 countries. It reminded us of the great work that God is doing around the world.
Our key note speakers were Brian Hishom of Hill Song church in Australia, Ev. Reinhard Bonkee, Dr. Jack Hay ford of the church on the way, the senior pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church –Korea.
The conference was so moving and the main emphasis was empowering the next generation.

I am so glad to be back home and praying that God will enable me to utilize all the message that I heard.

Our children’s choir the Mwangaza has travelled this last weekend to Amsterdam – Holland where they are going to sing and serve the Lord for the next six weeks.
This whole choir comes from Rakai, from one of our schools which is called Kakuuto Christian School.
Please be praying for their trip, we heard that they arrived safely and very busy.

God bless you all.