September 13, 2010
September 24, 2010


Last week was a very beautiful week for us. My wife Irene and I together with 15 other people went on a mission team to a little town in western Uganda by the names of Rwebisengo.

This little town is approximately 400 km from Kampala. It is on the borders of DRC- Congo.
The purpose of our mission was to serve and minister to the church in Rwebisengo which is headed by Pastor Alice Balinda. This woman of God amazed us. She has served God in the midst of very hard circumstances, and today she has a church of about 400 people in Rwebisengo and this church is a parent church to 50 congregations of which 15 churches are located in the DRC.

I for one spoke to the leaders, my wife spoke to the women and pastor Chris Kisakye spoke in the evangelistic rally as well as the revival services. God moved in amazing ways.

A few interesting things happened on the trip;
The road to Rwebisengo takes you through the Rwenzori mountains and Semiliki national park. The most frightening part of our journey was when we were driving on the sides of the mountains; every one of us kept quiet and started praying, for it was too stiff, and road is so narrow, in addition it is a dirt road. Through the park we enjoyed the beauty of animals but on our way back there bus got stuck in the mud for about an hour.

Rwebisengo is in the great lift valley. It is so low, so flat and so hot. We experienced a very different kind of weather from what we are used to, I guess the temperature were above 35 degrees celcius.
One beautiful experience we got also is when we visited the Semiliki River, on reaching there we realized that three of our young men from our team had not been yet baptized, so one of them demanded to be baptized in that river, and the other two followed suit.

Our team experienced the joy of looking at DRC Congo across the river.

• The church in Rwebisengo is trusting God for money for their church building.
• God has blessed them with 30 acres of land their vision is to put up a primary school , secondary school and a Christian college. There is only one secondary in Rwebisengo,
• The church has received many refugees from Congo, so they have many children who have not gone to school and their desire is to help children get education.


Gaba Community Church and Africa Renewal Ministries are part of the upcoming Love Kampala Festival, where we are hosting Dr. Andrew Palau the son of EV. Luis Palau. The meetings have already begun with outreaches in Universities.
Next week 25th and 26th of September 2010, we will have the festival at Kololo Airstrip. Please pray for God’s move to save and transform our people in Kampala.