October 16, 2010
November 6, 2010


I am seated here in the executive lounge in Amsterdam’s , Schiphol Airport. I am on my way home and cannot wait to see my family. The last two weeks have been very hectic but very rewarding. I began my journey from Uganda after that almost fatal plane mishap and traveled to Winston-Salem in North Carolina. Hosted by our staff member Michele Speas and pastor David Smith. North Carolina is a great place with lots of Christian Heritage, there is a church on every street corner, you really see the evidence of the 2 hundred years of American church history. The main question they all have today is: are we still holding on to what our grandfathers left for. The general out cry is Revive us again oh God.

I arrived an hour late and pastor David soon drove me to a united Methodist church to speak to over 50 leaders on importance of evangelism. I shared our story on reaching our village of Gaba and the place of prayer in this whole puzzle.

That evening I was supposed to have participated in a radio talk show but since I had missed the 1st two days of the trip due to the plane mishap, Johnny our ED and Michelle were able to share on the show. The days that followed were so busy in meetings with different people that I do not feel like boring you with the details.

One of the great highlights on my trip was meeting Pastor Kevin Frack, this is the pastor of Cornerstone Christian Church where Michelle goes to church. What an amazing man of God, I got to spend time with him and really felt the heart of a man after God’s own heart. I also met a gentleman who is part of a project that is building a ferry which will be doing passenger transportation on Lake Victoria. This ferry will be traveling between Luzira and Mwanza but what is so intriguing is that it will be using oil from plants, wow, that is some income for local people that will be growing the plant which produces this oil. The Ferry has been funded by Christian investors from the USA who want to ignite business in East Africa.

My weekend in North Carolina ended with preaching at Cornerstone in the morning and then Bethel United Methodist church. The highlight for me of the evening at Bethel church where Pastor David Smith is the pastor was the country Gospel music that was performed before my preaching. What a wonderful time in that part of the USA.

We need to pray now for next year’s Mwangaza Children’s choir tour that will begin in North Carolina in January. This is a new area for us but a great area with lots of potential. We are planning to travel to at least 5 states surrounding that geographical area. Mwangaza is a choir that has been traveling the USA and Holland for the last 6 years. We have so far sent out 6 choirs and these kids are amazing. You can know more about our choir by visiting

God bless you for now, I will be writing about my Canada trip in the next blog. God is good all the time.