October 28, 2010
January 20, 2011

I returned from Canada a week ago but was caught up with so much here at home that I had not written anything yet about Canada.

5 years ago I was invited by a mentor and friend Pastor Dennis McNally to visit Canada and attend a conference in a little town in Alberta by the names of Medicine Hat, that began a series of events which has led to some very interesting relationships, one of them was our church joining a fellowship called LifeLinks, this is a fellowship of non-denominational churches with a Passion to see God glorified in the nations. I have continued attending these conferences and I have learnt so much from these great men of God. I have also had the opportunity of visiting many of the churches in the fellowship.

This year’s conference was addressing the subject of Authentic Discipleship, the keynote speaker was a pastor from Idaho, whose church is part of the Real Life Ministries, it was such a blessing attending this conference, I learnt so much from the conference and I am so ready to implement what I got from the conference.

After the conference we traveled for 8 hours north to a city by the names of Edmonton. The drive was so beautiful but very long. Sunday morning, I was given the opportunity to share the Word in Champion City church, a young but vibrant and growing church pastored by my friends Dean and Laura Foster, on our way to the church that morning the Lord blessed me with the experience of seeing snow falling down, you cannot believe this but I have not had much experience with snow in that I do not usually travel to the western world in winter. The snow continued for the next 2 days and what a beautiful sight! I was so much reminded of the majesty and glory of our God. On Monday we visited the world’s largest Mall, the West Edmonton Mall, this is like a large in-door city.

Anyway although I enjoyed the snow, I have a hard time surviving in the cold weather, I am so happy being back home, and especially having had that tough experience with the plane mishap. God bless you friends.