April 1, 2015
April 28, 2015

7 Tips on How Others Can Help You Become Excellent

(By Henry Muguluma)
Do you want to get better at what you do? Do you want to go to the next level at your workplace or in your ministry service? Do you want to become an outstanding person in every area of your life? If your answer to any of those questions is “Yes”, then you have got to do this one thing – let others help you. So many people never make it past mediocrity simply because they are trying to do it all on their own. The pursuit of excellence does not need to be a lonely undertaking. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish when you just let others help you out. Here are a few tips on how you can let other people assist you to make the improvements you need so you can shine.


  1. Stop thinking that you know it all. Because you don’t. In fact, no person knows it all. Choose to be a learner. As long as you keep learning, you keep improving. And as long as you keep improving, you keep shining.


  1. Get feedback. Give people permission to tell you the truth, yes, even the bitter truth. What stops most people from becoming excellent is the fact that no one will tell them the truth as it is. Create an environment where people know that they can always give you some comments from which you can sort out for yourself constructive criticism.

  1. Stop being defensive. Yes, it is possible that you are right and they are wrong; but it is also possible that you are wrong and they are right. That is why instead of being defensive, choose to seek clarification. Say, “I can see what you are saying, can you please give me a specific example?”

  1. Ask learning questions. You have got to become that person who is always asking questions that help you learn more. Learning questions include: “How do you do that?” “Can you please show me how you did that?”   

  1. Ask for help. Recognize that: (1) you cannot do all things alone all the time; and (2) not everyone around you is your enemy or someone wishing you bad. There are some really good people in this world and some of them are ready to help you if you will only ask for their help. Always ask for a helping hand, a second opinion, a simple “can-you-please-look-at-this-for-me?”

  1. Don’t despise anyone. No matter how insignificant they may be. Some of the best things you will ever learn will be from some very unlikely people.

  1. Build your network of resource persons. There are people who are already good (or who are performing better than you) in the areas where you want to be excellent. Befriend them. Utilize them.
About The Author:

Henry Muguluma currently works with Africa Renewal Ministries as the Program Manager in charge of Child Development Program and Leadership Development Program.