April 1, 2015
April 20, 2015

1.     Can you please introduce yourself:

         Name : Ronald Sahr Jarvouhey

         Your family:

I am the youngest child of three children, I have two older sisters (both of same parents). My father is deceased and my mum is living. Our origin is from Sierra Leone, West Africa (my dad) and Uganda, East Africa (my mum).

         Your ministry/leadership experience/ what you do.

I have served in various ministry capacities, worked with scripture union in secondary school until national level. I also served with the King Memorial United Methodist Church, Sierra Leone for about 3 years in the children’s and youth department. I attended and served with Freetown Bible Training College for about 2 years in the worship and technical department. I have served with Gaba Community Church since 2001 and served as a youth pastor since 2009. I have also served in the capacity of worship and creative arts pastor I have also been a school prefect twice in secondary school. I have worked with various committees and team on both church and secular levels. Currently my work with the youth and worship department involves oversight of all activities, general planning and reporting and leadership identification, development and mentorship.

2.     In your very own words, can you tell us who is a leader, and what is expected of a leader?

A leader is someone with the capacity and ability to influence people towards a given goal. Such a person should be selfless. Be able to lead from both in front (by example) and behind (by inspiration). A leader should also be visionary and should be able to see far and above the ones he /she is leading.

3.     Who is your Biblical model of a leader and why do you say that person is your model?

David was a good leader. He was brave to fight the battles he needed to fight and humble enough not to fight the ones he needed not to (for example not killing Saul). Even with personal flaws and weaknesses, he was broken enough to do inner scrutiny and repent of his wrongs and seek the will of God. David had a personal relationship with God that very few had, he was termed a man after God’s own heart and started developing an intimate relationship with God at a young age. He was first successful as a boy in secret and then later as a man in public.

4.     As a person who has been involved in leadership, what are some of the key things that have made you a successful leader?

Areas of success include;

A growing relationship with Jesus Christ. I clearly know this has nothing to do with me and if not for Christ I will not be where I am today.

Believing in team work, always looking at what people can become not what they are (seeing the best in others)

  • Never holding on to power
  • Being willing to let others lead
  • Succession.
  • Understanding the heart and vision of the entity/ministry you lead.
  • Being always ready for the unpredictable.
  • Self-evaluation.
  • Creativity.

5.     Leaders go through challenges, can you please mention some of these that you have gone through,  and how they have influenced your leadership

·        Being misunderstood by others has been one of the challenges

·        Helping others understand and get on board with the vision

·        Other leaders conflicting with your leadership style

·        It has helped me Focus on who God is and what his will is and not what others want. 

6.     Are there any things that have happened in your life as a leader that you regret?  Please mention some and the lessons you have learnt

I regret not pushing too much to get into the lives of some of the people I have led and they have fallen through the gaps. Sometimes I was too “diplomatic” and ended up losing some.

Lesson learnt: even though you can’t win everyone you must do all you can to eliminate that fact.

7.     We have talked about Biblical models but I believe you may have other people not in the Bible that are your models.  Can you mention one or two?  And why do you say they have been your role models.

My Father- he beat all odds of a not so fortunate childhood to become a university professor, he loved us his children and his wife.

My Mother- she stood by my father through thick and thin even till the point of death. She was faithful, resilient and committed. She raised us in our father’s work absence. She encouraged many values in us that have made me stand till today. 

8.     Do you have a mentor?  And if you do, how has that mentor been a   blessing to you.  what advise do you give to our readers

I had a mentor once at this point I don’t have one; I just have accountability elders in my life. These are people I engage of occasional basis to talk about life issues. I lost touch with my mentor years ago.

It is important to have a mentor in life because as iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another. This is one area where I indeed see room for improvement personally.

9.  Do you have young leaders that you mentor?  Can you share that experience please?

I have many young leaders I mentor at various levels and in various areas of their lives. It is not an easy process but it is worth it. It is humbling to see the Lord use an ordinary person like me to contribute towards the shaping of another person’s life. 

10.  What final words would you like to tell our readers about leadership?

To lead others you must first be led. You cannot learn to lead before you learn how to follow. The greatest Leader is Christ Jesus, follow him whole heartedly.