LEAD 2016

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March 7, 2016

LEAD 2016

On the 9th of January 2016, Africa Renewal Ministries together with Gaba Community Church hosted 300 professionals to what was called The Lead Conference. It was a remarkable day as young and old people were challenged to the theme- Be the Salt and light of the world, from Mathew 5: 13-16.

The conference had great speakers; the ice breaker was opening the audience to the situation in Africa, and Uganda, how we have the resources, but our major problem is leadership. The leaders have failed to maximumly utilise the resources thus the vicious sack of poverty.  

Lead against all odds

Dr. Jacob Kitonsa a specialist in global leadership talked about leading against all odds. Professionals were given tips on how to lead in situations that conflict with their values, faith and temperaments: Understand who you are (Your personality traits), your position in Christ, the environment, the people and the problem, then petition God about it.

Dr. Jacob Kitonsa

      In reference to Nehemiah, below are the highlights;
 Ø  Plan and look ahead (Nehemiah did not underestimate the existence of the enemies therefore he planned ahead).
 Ø  Develop a clear but simple strategy (Nehemiah 2:11-16).
 Ø  Do not publicize everything you do.
 Ø  Make clear but tough decisions.

      We are not products of our circumstance, we are products of our decisions’’ he said, ‘’People in war zones do not quit. You quit you die, ‘’ he continued.
He also encouraged the audience to take risks, be ready to make mistakes and fail but that every time they fail, they should fall forward not backwards. Dr. Jacob also told the professionals not to fear, ‘’because everything we have ever wanted is on the other side of fear, thus let us stand against all sorts of odds of life, and we shall be able to influence society.’’


Respect humble beginnings

Mrs Ofwono Barbara (CEO- Victorious Educational services) shared with God’s labourers about her journey of success, how she started with a small kindergarten but later on conquered territories by the grace of God. She attributed her attainment of the different schools to the following;
·        Prayer
·        Creativity (Not copying from others)
·        Hard work
·        Values and virtues based on Godly Principles
·        Training (She trains her staff on a regular basis)
·        Mentorship
·        Partnerships
·        Embracing technology
She concluded by encouraging people to discover their passions, professionalize them ‘’and they will fly.’’

8Ps of Success:

Pastor Charles Kayiwa, a preacher of the Word and an entrepreneur, talked about the 8Ps of success.

Ps Charles Kayiwa

1. Purpose 2. Passion 3. Potential 4. Planning,

5. Persistence 6. People Principles 8.Prayer.

Other factors of success listed by Ps Kayiwa;
§  Attain the right skills.
§  Always ask the right questions from God and People.
§  Keep your word.
§  Have values and integrity
§  ‘’Success is the orderly on going advancement towards the goal, and that it is intimately tied to what we think about ourselves, therefore we should think positively.’’


Planning is faith and faith is planning.

      He cautioned people to stop, sit down, think and plan if they are to fulfil their visions. He gave another perspective of prayer: He said prayer should be asking God questions like ‘’Why, What, Where’’ instead of asking God to give you ‘’this or that.’’ ‘’Prayer is constant communion with the father,’’

There was a panel session with Ps Charles Kayiwa, Mr. Kisaku Jobra (owner of an audit firm) Mr. Ivudria Godfrey (CEO- East African Business week Newspaper), Dr. Bagaya Bernard (Research Scientist and Deputy Executive Director at Inter Aids Vaccine Initiative Uganda), and Mrs. Olivia Ekayu (CEO- Amani Uganda Domestic services.) They all talked about their journey to success and what allured them to where they are now.

Left to Right. Charles, Godfrey, Jackie(Modulated), Jobra,Olivia & Bernard
Words of wisdom emphasized at the panel;


All members emphasized hard work, God, training, knowing the people you work with and not despising humble beginnings, among others. Each of them had a different story of success, they all ran their races with different challenges. Your race might be different from another persons’ race, therefore work out your own way of facing your challenges to succeed.
§Hearing other stories gave people more passion to thrust forward, persevere and also believe that they can do it too.
§  One other interesting thing that was talked about was how Christians are good at praying and do nothing in the name of ‘’God will work.’’ God’s people were advised to pray and work. They were told to move out and do something about what they have prayed about.
Ps Mike Kyazze (Omega Healing centre) crowned up the day by challenging the professionals to dare and be Daniels. Basing on the book of Daniel 2:46, below are the ethics of Daniel that he talked about.
Ps Kyazze

He had an excellent spirit, ‘’he did nothing less than excellent’’
§ He did not defile himself with food
§  Maintained a like-minded consistency
§  He worked to save and promote his workmates
§  He worked and endured a hostile working atmosphere.
§  He was a habitual worshipper
§  He sought the heart God
Ps Kyazze closed up the teachings with a powerful prayer.


Apollo & Martin

      Comments from people that attended.
        ‘’ I was inspired to live for nothing less than excellence and to learn how to stand alone on truth.’’
      ‘’There is a paradigm shift of the church to professionalism, which is a good thing.’’ 
      ‘’Such a conference has the potential to influence the secular world.

     Stay blessed