Merry Christmas 2015

December 17, 2015
LEAD 2016
February 11, 2016

Dear Friends,

2015 is coming to an end, and we cannot thank God enough for all He has done in our lives. A lot has happened in the ministry and I know many of you have been part of God’s work here in Uganda, thank you so much.

This year has been wonderful in the Kasirivu family, Isaac Joshua turned 8 and he is in year 3 at Kabojja school, Joy Ruthis 14 and she has just finished her second year in high school, going on to the 3rd year in 2016. Lydia is 19 and has just finished her first semester at Makerere university, she is doing social administration and James has just turned 21 is at Aptech College doing software engineering. 

Many of you know of our expanded family and this year  has also been so good to us. Evelyn who got married last year got a baby boy two months ago, Anita also who got married last year also got a baby girl and  Eddie ( nephew) and Milly are now in South Africa, Eddie is studying to be a pilot, they also just got a baby girl this three weeks ago. Shiba is doing Music at Makerere University, Shifa is doing communications at UCU and Joselyn business management at MUBS.

Some of you know about Peter’s post-graduate classes at Fuller Seminary, we praise the Lord for taking us through the first 2 years, God willing Peter will be done by June next year 2016.

We have seen God at work in Gaba with 4 services every Sunday and now an additional worship venue at Africa Renewal University, we have ended the year at ARU with about 200 in attendance, we also  have continued with our international ministry and this year Peter has gone to USA, Canada and South Sudan and Irene has just been in South Africa with Eddie and Milly. 

Many of you do receive our Africa Renewal Newsletter and in there I have shared about all the ministries of ARM (The Babies Home, Bethany Village, Wentz Medical Center, ARU, and FCC) and how much God has used and blessed his people both here and in other countries.

There is no way we would experience all this work without an Amazing team at Gaba church, at Africa Renewal ministries and all of our affiliated ministries. We have friends, churches, and organizations that support this ministry in Canada, USA, The Netherlands, the UK, what an amazing network of friends, thank you for all that you are doing our friends.

Ours is a ministry supported by God’s people, we are so much grateful for the prayer support, the financial supports, and all the work that many of your have done to make this happen.

May the Good Lord continually bless you.

Yours friends and fellow laborers in the kingdom,

Peter and Irene Kasirivu